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Why don't young readers get bored?

Their schedule is fully booked!

Reading is a wonderful escape that takes us to exciting places and introduces us to amazing characters and literary friends we love to spend time with. The Project Cat's Away Daily Inbox Book Club is an awesome day-by-day experience for your kids where we read through a junior spy book adventure together. 

Experts say it takes between seven and thirty days to create a new habit, so our twenty-five days of daily practice is right in the sweet spot!

And we're pairing our reading habit with lots of other fun stuff. Each day, your child gets:


      -a progress calendar to mark their reading progress

      -the ebook chapter

      -the chapter read by the author in an audio file

      -an activity page specifically connected to the events in the story


      -lots of fun, extra secret surprises along the way!

We're going chapter-by-chapter because Project Cat's Away is a super fun spy story with lots of twists and surprises. 

At the end of each chapter, the story has a huge hook that will leave the reader buzzing, excited to read more!

Plus, this story is the first book in the Project Cat's Away junior spy series. 

Once our new habit is set up, there will be plenty more stories to come! 


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Book Club


The Project Cat's Away

Twenty-five days of reading, one life-long habit created.

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Save the world, 

do your homework, 


Mother and Daughter Having Fun

Your kids have options.


They don't have to read the story alone.


Every day, along with the new chapter, I'm giving them an audio version of the book, read personally by me, the author! 

Your kiddos can read with you, they can read by themselves, they can listen to the story (or do all three!).










It's the best! And it's available every step of the way.  

Who doesn't love curling up in a cozy blanket

              and listening as someone reads to them?

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NOT ONLY THAT, each chapter of the book also comes with a super fun activity page to complete. There are games, tasks, crafts, science, trivia and so much more. 

Every activity is unique, based on specific adventures or themes in each chapter AND totally doable at home. 

1. Chapter-by-Chapter Title Sept 5 2020.
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To help re-enforce the new daily habit of reading and to see the amazing progress you and your kiddos are making, I'm also providing a daily progress calendar.


Your munchkin can track all the work and fun by simply making a small mark each day - initials, a signature, a smiley face, color it in, mark the spot with an X or go all fancy and place a sticker for each day you've completed.


After a couple days of checking off the boxes, you won't want to break the streak! 

Plus, I'm gonna sprinkle in even more fun surprises!


It's part...


Every day I'll check in on your (or your kiddo's) email to give your child a special message, just from me. 

It's part...

Book Club

Together, we'll read a chapter of the book each day. You'll get a pdf of the story AND an audio recording of the chapter, read by ME!

It's part...


Every chapter comes with an activity page with games and activities that you can do around the house!


Twenty-five guided                 to take your child's reading from an every-so-often kinda does it, to a daily habit your family can't wait to dig into!

With Mee! (Julie Mee) Your friendly, neighbourhood author. 


Here's what you'll get on the inside:

  • Daily special messages from me right in your inbox.

  • Daily chapters of the Project Cat's Away novel. 

  • Daily audio recordings of the chapters of the book, read by the author.

  • Daily activity pages with four unique activities based on the adventures and themes that happened in that chapter of the story. They include games, crafts, tasks, activities, trivia and more. Plus! Use the book report elements on the page to recount things like characters, setting and plot!

  • Daily tracking of your reading progress on the Project Cat's Away progress calendar. Check off one box each day and see how quickly all that effort adds up!


  • Moms and Dads receive an extra teacher's guide of the story that breaks down the plot, themes, gives discussion questions and offers lesson plan activities that can elevate all the fun we're having into curriculum learning. 


Every couple of days, receive an extra secret surprise! Fun, unexpected bonus elements will slip into your inbox like songs, coloring pages, code-breaking tips, cool bookmarks and more!

All this with a new, fully developed habit of daily reading!

 Moms and Dads, what I'm offering is win/win.


You get to take a back seat and relax while I read Project Cat's Away with your kids. You can curl up right beside them or let your kiddos listen and read on their own. Fun right?! 

You are given fresh activities and tasks to keep developing minds engaged and active hands busy. No more 'I'm bored' or 'I don't have anything to do' as every day I offer your kiddos unique challenges, tasks and special surprises.

Your kids will practice daily reading, track their progress, and develop a new habit, all while having fun. 

That's twenty-five days where you can take an hour (maybe even two*) off your plate and put it onto mine! Sound good? You bet, it does!

*some chapters are shorter or longer than others, but all come with a great hook to keep the reader buzzing!

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Get the Facts:


What is the story about?

Twelve-year-old Emma fights dangerous enemies as a junior CIA spy - but that's easy compared to her day-to-day life at school!

When a mission causes her to miss her best friend's birthday, her spot in the friend zone goes from hero to zero real quick. New girl, Sarah Louise, swoops in to take her place, and she is not giving it back. The only way to fix her friendships is to reveal her hidden identity: Emma Davis, secret agent.

Can she keep her secret identity under wraps, save the world, and survive seventh grade?

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