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The culture of more and the culture of enough.

If you've read even two of these blog posts, you're probably familiar with the fact that I'm not exactly technology savvy. I have run Facebook contests that precisely zero people have entered... my paid advertising campaign through Kindle has so far yielded zero results (though it did generate 34 impressions - which clicking on the little ? button explains are when Kindle actually posted my ad on somebody's something at sometime, but the targeted person didn't click on the ad.) So, yeah, that's me. Not highly technical.

Working on the website.

It's too bad because our world is highly technical. If I knew how to link blog posts, or was adept at using hash tags or could even get a comments section on the blog I might get more results and more interaction. That would be nice, but, I'm okay with where I'm at.

It is enough.

(Check out The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha for an in-depth explanation of the history and the differences between the culture of enough and the culture of more.)

This week, I was pleased as punch - the analytics of this website congratulated me - 500 unique visitors have visited the website since I opened its proverbial doors. Pretty cool. They give you a cute little sidebar with trophy clip art and everything to announce it. I'm impressed. For me, that is enough.

My attempt at screen capturing the clipart

In fact, it's pretty cool.

I don't think I've ever done anything before that has garnered the attention of 500 people - in my life! (And I was Bat #2, don't forget, in my fifth grade presentation of The Wizard of Oz!)

Of course, there are 7 billion people in the world. From what I'm told, most of them are at least somewhat connected to the internet in some way. So, why the heck would I be satisfied with a measly 500 people checking in on my site?

Because more isn't always better.

Those 500 people came to see something I have complete control over, I feel proud about, I am happy to contribute and excited to share. I haven't, knock on wood, experienced any ugly trolling, I don't really feel any pressure to deliver, and I'm not beholden to anyone but myself and the timeline and messages I want to observe. I'm enjoying what I'm doing.

For now, it's enough. I don't need any more.

Of course, over time, my experiences and outlook will change. We're constantly setting new goals for ourselves and reacting to new stimuli and situations. Perhaps in a week, a year, two years, ten years, the place I'm at today won't be enough anymore. When that day arrives, I'll re-evaluate.

But whatever my new yardstick, I will be aware, there will always be enough, and there will always be more. Happiness isn't getting more, it's realizing, you have enough.

Thanks for visiting!!!

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