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Seventh time's the charm.

Today I'm celebrating.

It took me six tries to get the formatting right on my very visual Chapter-by-Chapter Activity Book for the first book in my Project Cat's Away series.


Six separate rejections for six separate issues why my book couldn't be published. But this week, it was accepted! Not only accepted, but it was launched into the world!

That might not sound that dramatic, but I want you to think back in your life. What things have you attempted that you could say you went back to the drawing board to attempt again. What things have you looked at the feedback for what wasn't working, adjusted, and tried again?

And again?

And again, again, again, and again?

There are very few things in my life where I've had to stick to it that long. As Andy from the Office has said, "I haven't had a very hard life." Or more accurately, usually, if I try things and I bump up against a little friction, I give up. It's simply too hard. Or I get someone else to do it. But this time, I stuck it out myself.

This was really eye opening for me.

I thought it would be an easy project. I already had a pdf and ebook version of the activity book that I'd made for family and friends at the start of the pandemic. Transferring it over to a printed copy should have been a fairly simple project.

It wasn't simple.

Sometimes the issues were big - error messages on every page of the book (I'd submitted the images without adding the bleed to the page - and if you don't know what that means, don't worry. I didn't either.) Sometimes the issues were small - there was some low opacity print that was designed to be hazy and small, that the printer thought would be hard to read. It didn't matter that was my intention, it didn't fit their printing criteria.

The little details mattered. I had typos and file glitches. And finally, some things were completely out of my control. Once I had the perfect, error free file, it simply wouldn't upload. I had to try three different computers before the file would submit in the correct fashion. What was wrong with the first two interfaces? I'll never know.

But, I stuck with it.

And now that the end result is here, I've forgotten all the frustration, annoyance and inconsequential details that made this project such a pain in my butt for so long.

It's actually kind of amazing. I was annoyed out of my mind. I wanted to quit. I wanted to just say forget it. Six separate times. And now, I don't. Now, it's done.

It's done.

Whatever hard, annoying, frustrating thing you're going through, don't give up. I know it sucks. I know it's frustrating. It doesn't seem worth your time. But, stick with it. You might just discover, six attempts later, that you're done. It was worth it. And now that the hard part is over, you get to cash in on the fun.

If I can resubmit a finnicky book file seven times, you can stick with whatever that thing is you've got. It might take us seven times, but we'll get it done!

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