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If at first...

When we last spoke, I was so excited to be moving towards my first presentation of Project Cat's Away: the Musical. It was coming to the Toronto Fringe Festival in the summer of 2020 in a blaze of glory... and then... well, you know. Not so much.

But, the pandemic didn't go away, and life goes on. We're in the new normal. I'm back!

Toronto theatre... is not back yet.

It looks like Fringe might go ahead this summer in some form or another (last summer we were able to put together a digital production of one song from the musical, Fine... and Other Lies. Please, please, please check it out! It was such a blessing to me and all the awesome volunteers who helped me find a way to make it happen, and honestly, the messaging is still really sound for the current season we're all living through.) But, I'm really not sure what this year's Fringe festival looks like, if it's happening at all. So, while live theatre is in such an uncertain place I'm looking into other aspects of my creative voice and business. Namely, advertising.

Ugh. I have seriously avoided advertising.

Even though I really love my books, I just don't feel great about trying to 'sell'. Selling seems really icky... like sham-wow kinda smarm (remember that guy?). I don't want to try and make someone read my book. I don't want to make you do anything!

But... it's like this: I have one super fan. A close friend of mine has a daughter who read Project Cat's Away, then Project Cat's Away Two: The Micro-Gravity Mission, then book three, then one again, and she's probably circling through them once more, even as we speak. I know this because my darling friend sneaks pictures of her child while she's reading and sends them to me and says 'Look what she's up to..." And I love that dear friend for telling me and showing me, because all any author in the world has ever wanted was to know someone else loves their story as much as they do.

My friend's daughter only got to find the story because her Mommy's friend was the author. I advertised to her Mom in an organic way, as friends checking in on each others lives of course she heard about my books from time to time. Technically, it was very specific, targeted marketing that got me those sales, which is great! But, as a target audience, the children of my closest friends is a pretty small market.

So, it's time. I know if my book gets into the hands of the right little people I know they're going to fall in love with the story and become best friends with Emma and Lewiston and Kiki, just like I fell in love with so many characters in my childhood... but, I have to find those readers first.

I'm scared. I'm worried I'm about to waste my money. I'm worried that I'll be proven wrong. What if I advertise and nobody cares? What if I put big money into this and nobody buys my book? I'm about to make an effort and that means I'll have a new opportunity to feel stupid and fail. Dudes and dudettes, I am afraid. But, I'm doing it anyway. By my next blog post, I'll have taken a risk and put some money where my mouth is...

Wish me luck.

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