Do the Hard Things...

I read something today in one of the You Are a BadAss self-help books from Jen Sincero. I love reading her insights (not because I think I'm a badass, actually, in spite of the title) because she's very real with her faults and limitations and doesn't go in for that positive reinforcement with no change in actions mumbo jumbo that so many self-help books do. (What can I say, I love that genre and read a lot of them just before bed.) Instead, she's all about action. But, this isn't meant to just be a glowing review of her work, back to that thing I read:

If you do the things you find hard, that's where you'll have the most growth.

Phew, so true!

I love how this is both specific, and subjective. If YOU do the thing YOU find hard... that thing might not be hard for others, but it's your sticking point. If you just dig in and do THAT, no, don't do the things that come easy for the millionth time. Do that one hard thing, that will greatly move the needle.

I find writing pretty easy. I love to write stories. This blog post is just dripping out of my fingers. Writing is super easy. So I create and I create and I create.... it's the follow-through that's tough. Publishing is okay, but, telling people about my work (social media posts, word-of-mouth, ads) - ugh! That's the worst. I find it really difficult to even talk about my writing... even with close friends!

So, that's a perfect place for me to dig in if I'm looking to grow. (I said 'if' as we're not always looking to climb new mountains. Sometimes we just wanna sit on the couch, eat a grilled cheese sandwich, and do the things we enjoy, and that's cool too.) If I make even a little traction into my hang ups with sharing my work, do I think Ill see an impact?

Indeed, I do :)

-- Julie

So here's a small start:

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