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If you loved it, tell them how you feel

The other day I received an email from a fellow author from a writing group I used to frequent. It was short and to the point. It said something along the lines of

"I finally got around to reading Project Cat's Away. So cute. Well done. I left an amazon review for you."

How cool is that?

Speaking as a person who has put some creative work out into the universe for other people to consume, I will tell you getting this little message warmed the cockles of my heart. All any author wants is for someone to read and love their story like the books that they read and loved for themselves. This friend not only read my work and enjoyed it, they went out of their way to let me know. It seriously brightened my day.

And then!!! They went even further out of their way to let others know, too! Talk about above and beyond!

It's a little known secret that reviews drive a lot of business to lesser known art projects. Artists who can't afford an advertising or publicity budget (read: most artists) rely on word of mouth to get their material out to their audience. Leaving positive reviews is a great type of digital word of mouth.

If there's a book you liked or a movie you enjoyed, a play you loved or a band that filled your head with song - publicly give them positive feedback. It only takes a moment, but, you'll brighten someone's day and maybe your post will help others with similar taste connect as well. If you loved it, tell the artist how you feel. It's such a gift. Tell everyone!

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