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Grow little seedlings, grow.

Growing ideas from small seeds

I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast this week, and his guest was gushing about Prarie restoration. That's just what it sounds like - restoring land back to its original Prarie-like status. He said, (and I paraphrase):

"if you want to have birds on your land, you don't just throw out a bunch of bird seed. You plant real seeds for real plants. Nurture those plants to grow and then watch as the birds come themselves."

As an independent writer, this feels very true for me, as well.

Sometimes it's really tempting to just try and follow the quickest route to achieve results. But, it's actually far more valuable to take more time, plant the right seeds, and watch as things grow. It's a slow process for sure, and slow can be frustrating, but it'll be worth it.

Here's an example of seeds I'm developing:

-I wrote a novel

-Then, I wrote a second novel to help drive attention to the first (and continue the series)

-Then, I wrote a third novel to continue the series (which will be out this fall)

-Then, I wrote a musical to help drive attention to the novels

-Then, I wrote another play to help drive attention to the musical, which might drive attention to the novels

What will I write next? Time will tell.

Don't get me wrong. Each of those stories was a joy to write, I'm not trying to mitigate their individual pleasures, believe me, I love them all. But, I've never forgotten, they're also seeds planted in this thing I call my writing career. Who knows how they might blossom, or what other opportunities they might bring.

And I don't even like birds!

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