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Change your perspective...

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I was stuck.

I've made a deal with myself to try and post one blog post about writing a week, specifically on Fridays, unless my social life interferes (it's the summer, so there's lots of 'going to the cottage' for the weekend that comes up, that sort of thing).

It's Friday. Time to be posting... and nothing.

I had a couple ideas to write about, but none of them were singing. They were stuck. Like me. Going nowhere.

I briefly considered not writing at all. After all, my only keeper here is myself, and I'm a pretty lax boss. But, I'm happy to report I didn't give in to that impulse. Instead, I changed my perspective.

There are several ways you could do this. One technique is called re-framing.

Sometimes the simple task of re-framing or rephrasing a job can make it far more tenable or desirable than it once was. One of the most famous examples of re-framing is in the world of organ donations.

Many countries ask their citizens to indicate their preference as to whether their organs can be used in donation after their death on their driver's licenses, by checking a small box for confirmation. Countries that frame the question as "check this box if you'd be willing to opt in to organ donation" receive very few checks. Countries that frame the question as "check this box if you'd like to opt out of organ donation" receive very few checks. But one country receives a heck of a lot more livers!

So, what gives? In both situations, the decision as to whether to become an organ donor is the same and the action of checking or not checking a box is the same, but the wording of the question yields dramatically different results.

How can you re-frame your task to yield dramatically different results?

If that doesn't work, a second way to change your perspective, and the technique I used today, with this particular post, is to re-order.

When I write these blog posts, I think of an idea, write a title and begin freely typing in the body of the post. I edit, tweak etc. until I'm pretty happy with the prose, then I search the free database of copyright free images to find something visual that connects to what I've been talking about. I attach the picture, do another polish pass or two, and, finally, hit publish.

Today, I re-ordered.

I couldn't think of what I wanted to talk about, so I skipped all that writing and went straight to the imagery. In seconds, I found a picture I was drawn to, and the ideas started pouring out on the page.

I changed my perspective and so can you.

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