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The Test of Time...

A clock: the test of time

I have always been a writer.

My first 'writing' memory was with my best friend from third grade, Lindsay. We would go back and forth between our houses, load up our computers, insert our floppy disk and write our story. It was an epic novel.

My Mom's first 'writing' memory of me was in eleventh grade, I made up a new Winnie the Pooh character. I think he was a beaver. I threw that beaver a birthday party for my class presentation. All the other Winnie the Pooh characters were there. My English teacher gave me 100% on that Independent Study Unit.

I would like to find those early examples of my love of writing. But, I doubt they would stand the test of time.

I like that phrase.

The test of time. It's a competition between the thing as just created and the thing after the emotional pull of creation has subsided. Does the story still grab and hold you once the rush of creating has long gone?

I read an interesting note from Daniel Jones, the editor of the New York Times Style Personal Essay Column, Modern Love. He says (and I paraphrase) - once you've finished that amazing pass of your personal essay and the story sings and you're glowing with pride DO NOT submit that story. That is not the time to submit that story. Your adrenaline is pumping and you're sporting rose-coloured glasses and your confidence is writing cheques your wordplay can't cash (again, paraphrasing). Put that story in a drawer, in a file. Let it bake a little bit. Work on another project. Go out and mow the grass. Give it a little time, then come back. Read it afresh.

Let it pass the test of time. (Then submit!)

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