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Who knew crawling under the cottage could be so fun?

My family has a cottage in the Haliburton Highlands. My parents bought the land before I was born and built the house from scratch when I was just a babe. It has no basement. Instead, it sits on well-spaced cinder blocks.

I've had a lot of great memories in that place.

Every Spring, the family congregates at the cottage to 'open it' for the season. For us, that means getting the water running after the winter thaw. You never know what pipes will work or where the plumbing might have sprung a leak.

Plumbing tools... work gloves, wrenches etc.

This year, wouldn't you know, the leak was dead center in the middle of the cottage... under the cottage.

Since my husband and older brother had both suffered recent shoulder injuries, restoring the broken pipeline fell to my 77-year-old father and me. I've been alive almost four decades and I've managed to never have to crawl under the cottage before. (#blessed, I know) But, since it was either that or have no running water for the summer season, I rolled up my sleeves and dug in.

I put on my oldest long-sleeve hoodie and tied the hood up around my face so spiders wouldn't get in my hair, as you do, then I put on some gardening gloves so I wouldn't touch any spiders, as you do, then I forgot to put on sensible shoes, so I wore my flip flops, as I'm sure you've seen many contractors do on shows on channels like HGTV. I fell on my knees beside Dad, crawled under the deck and began the belly shimmy into the heart of the cottage foundation.

And my Pops and I had a blast!

First we laughed at how old and inflexible we were, then we struggled and mucked to get the pipe reconnected, again. After that, we chuckled at all the junk that's accumulated under the cottage after thirty-odd years, and finally, we giggled as we wiggled our way back out to blue sky once again. (My flip flops didn't make the return trip, they ripped at the seams during an overly zealous shimmy, RIP.)

I like to think this experience can be related to other areas in my life and maybe yours too. Here's how:

1. There are things that seem like work, you might even be seriously avoiding them, but if you actually give them a try, they're a heck of a lot of fun. (Not every day fun... maybe once in a lifetime fun... but fun, none the less.)

2. If you're in good company, most things become a joy.

3. Flip flops should not be worn on construction sites.

4. I am awesome at plumbing... and you might be too! Who knew?!?

Dad and I, on my wedding day.

(I couldn't take a picture of us underneath the cottage, so here's a pic of Dad and I from my wedding day.)

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