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Put the puzzle together...

If you bought a puzzle from the store, would you expect to open the box, dump it on the table and see a full, completed puzzle land on the table, fully formed?

Of course not.

Puzzle pieces forming a goal

So, why do you expect that from your goals?

When you come up with a new goal, that's a new puzzle you're taking off the shelf. The front of the box has a beautiful picture of what that goal is going to look like when you're done. It's shiny, the colours pop. It's real puuuurty. Best puzzle box ever. Best goal vision ever.

But, spectacular vision aside, the box now has 1,000 little squares that all need to be shoved into other little square's notches and valleys in order for that imagined picture to take form.

Sometimes it's obvious how a little task you're doing will effect the whole - end pieces and corner pieces make perfect sense! That's great. We all do those pieces first.

At first the goal comes easy, we can see it beginning to take shape. The ground work is laid. (Our puzzle is a rectangle! Who knew!?) Sweet, we're doing great.

But, then the real work begins.

There are a ton of other pieces that you'll have to work and work to connect together, and even when they finally interlock, you might still be thinking - what the heck? They don't look like anything. This is where a lot of goals fail, putting together the vast blue sky or the several hundred puppy furs of our goal's final vision. (Why didn't our vision puzzle have a clear, obvious image with bold, one-of-a-kind colours. Why?!!)

So, we go back to the corners. Yup... did a really great job with those. Phew, they fit together really well. See, it's a rectangle. A perfect, oblong, square, rectangle. We sure did a great job putting together those outside pieces of the goal.

If you stop at the easy, flimsy outer border...

your goal will never be completed.

You've got to dig in to the nebulous centre. The little pieces that aren't sexy or flashy but very necessary to the bigger picture. You know this, I know this, puzzle makers everywhere know this is an absolute puzzle-making requirement.

Stick with those small, un-sexy, un-flashy pieces long enough, and the puzzle will start to reveal itself to you. All the small work, the hard work, the boring work will pay off. Un-sexy, un-flashy pieces might even become sexier and flashier, again. Suddenly those blue squares will become cloudless vistas or rolling waters, suddenly that puppy fur will make up the sweetest dachshund, golden retriever or cock-a-poo pup.

Put together enough of the pieces and... well, you know where I'm going with this.

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