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Life is a highway... and so forth.

Life is a highway... and so forth.

In the past month, I've done a lot of highway driving - both on the Ontario 400 series roads and over nine hours south (and back) on two and four-lane highways in the United States. I've taken note of some key understandings:

-the journey can be just as fun as the destination.

-if you don't like the route you're on, pick a new route. It'll get you there, too.

-freeways will get you there faster, but streets are far more enjoyable to look at.


-Americans love to hang flags.

Deep thoughts, I know.

The last thing I noticed in my travels, was my unconscious coupling with the drivers around me. If they were going fast, my speed increased, if they were safe and slow, I puttered down too. This is well and good, and perhaps helped me avoid some speed traps. But, there was another phenomenon, too:

Sometimes, I would think - why are we going so slowly?

Once I switched lanes, I'd realize "we" weren't slow. There was no "we" to dissolve. It was just me and some chuckle-head driver I got stuck behind. And by being "stuck", I meant I could totally switch lanes and accelerate back to the (slightly above) speed limit I wanted to drive in at any time. For some reason, I didn't. I just drove along, behind said chuckle-head thinking, why is traffic so bogged down? There's nobody out here. Eventually, I'd always get antsy and make a move around him and question the truth for myself, which is why did I drive along at that slow pace for so long?

Unconscious coupling made me think I wanted to fall in line, tuck in behind, and move along at the pace someone before me had chosen, but in truth, all I had to do was make the decision for myself to move into the other lane, drive a little faster, and go around him/her. When I did, I was much happier with the result.

Every time I did, I was amazed how the road opened up, once again.

There will always be others on similar journeys, all around us. No one says we have to drive at their pace. Go faster, go slower, just don't get trapped in a jam of your own making. You're not stuck in their lane. Move over, drive a little faster and go around.

Oh... and always, always... keep the left lane open for passing. Please.

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