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There are other donuts in the dumpster...

The other day, my hubby and I were in line for the drive thru at a local coffee shop when we saw a worker come out of the restaurant and throw a bag of stale donuts into the garbage. Only, he didn't actually get the donut bag into the garbage, someone had lowered half the lid on the dumpster, which he didn't realize, so the bag of donuts he tossed actually landed on top of the dumpster, not inside.

A flock of seagulls were floating around this garbage area, clearly the recipients of stale donuts on previous occasions.

Seeing the bag, the birds took turns dive bombing at the bag, pecking at the plastic, and swooping away.

We saw all this happen for a while - it was a really long drive thru lineup.

Eventually, one bird managed to make a hole in the bag. He also managed to wrap his beak around a giant donut (sure, donuts seem fairly small to you or me, but this a bird we're talking about. The baked good was bigger than its head). Pleased with its conquest, the donut bird swooped away from the dumpster, donut in face.

What did the other birds do?

They all followed donut bird, in hot pursuit.

The other birds chased donut bird clear across the parking lot in hopes of getting some donut crumbs, or maybe stealing the donut altogether, or sharing the donut with their donut bird friends. I don't know.

The point is, as they all followed this one, successful donut bird, they left an ENTIRE BAG of stale donuts sitting, uneaten on the dumpster lid.

I feel like we can all be this way.

We see one person's success and we all get so busy trying to get a piece of that action or emulating it, or whatever... we forget there's still a whole entire bag of stale donut success that can still be tapped if we just put in a little authentic, birdy effort... it's not a perfect metaphor, but you see what I'm saying here.

Don't worry about the donut bird. Don't follow the crowd across the parking lot.

Dig your own donut out of the dumpster bag.

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