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An experiment with Amazon...

As of today, here are Project Cat's Away's numbers on Amazon and Kindle:

Books > teens > fiction > #104, 937

Books > teens > mysteries > detectives > #9759

Books > children's > detectives #28820

Books > #7, 551, 151

Ebooks > children's > action/adventure > detectives > #3125

Ebooks > children's > mysteries > spies #938

Ebooks > #3,915,930

These numbers are not awesome. Truth, I'm pretty sure I've not sold a single copy of Project Cat's Away to someone who doesn't know me personally. Sigh. So much for the self-publishing revolution!

It's time to start experimenting.

First up: kindle advertising. $100, 10 cents per click. No guarantee any click will lead to a sale. Will ads like the one above get my title in people's purview? Will it be a waste of a c-note? We won't know until we try.

Other suggestions? Let me know.

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