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I recently came across an amazing blog called A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: http://jakonrath.blogspot.ca.

Phew. My mind is blown. Check him out.

JA Konrath is a prolific writer who features in the thriller genre. He's also a prolific blogger. He began the Newbie's Guide in 2005. I am currently reading through it. Every post. (I'm currently rolling through his 2008 posts, if you're curious) This blog is amazing as it offers honest appraisal of where JA is/was a writer, and let me tell you, he is miles ahead of me! Multiple books published through traditional venues, then he left that area to move into a successful self-publishing campaign.

It is inspiring.

Along with his successes, he recounts many of the things he's doing to try and find new avenues of success. And the man has done a lot.

It's the first time I've really heard from anyone all the extra stuff they do aside from writing in order to foster and develop a writing career. He promotes... he blogs... (In 2008, he talks at length about the importance of the upkeep of his myspace page - it's so cute!) he handsells his books... the man is a beast.

He talks a lot about what is and is not in his control, and what to do about feelings of failure or insecurity. I have gained lots of advice (and hope to glean even more) but the key piece so far:

1. write

2. finish what you write

3. submit that finished piece of writing

4. repeat again.

Thank you, JA Konrath.

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