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Time to be a farmer...

You reap what you sow.

Full disclaimer: I am not a farmer. Other than thinking food is delicious and necessary for our survival, so we should keep (ethically) farming, I know little about the subject. But, I do know how to spin a metaphorical cliche.

Of course, as another cliche says: cliches are cliche for a reason.

They're true.

And this farming advice is definitely true in my house, especially this Christmas.

My hubby and I usually do Christmas decorating up right. At the start of December we lug several boxes out of our storage room, slide a bunch of containers out from the underbelly of the guest bedroom box spring and spend an afternoon decking our halls with bells of holly, reindeer, trees, lights, snowmen and a singing penguin named Steve.

It's two parts fun, two parts work, takes a couple hours and forces a mass cleaning and furniture shift to accommodate the seasonal foliage.

I say usually, because this year, we did not do it. Not a single box was stirred.

Hubby was on a work trip for the first two weeks of the season and I didn't want to decorate without him, then, once he was home from his eighteen hour flight, it took a couple days to re-cooperate, so we didn't decorate then. Next we had our annual Christmas party games night (which you'd think we'd decorate for, but we were too busy planning the extensive competitions - we take our games nights seriously). After that, it was only a couple days til the holiday itself, so lugging all those boxes didn't seem worth it, if in a week, we'd just be lugging them all away, again.

No biggie.

Only... it was a biggie. I really missed the Christmas season. I missed the lights. I missed the overload of red and green. I missed penguin Steve.

But, it didn't matter. The holiday came and went. It was too late. We didn't put in the work. There were no twinkly lights to bask in the glow of.

Sow. Then reap.

Work first. Then pay off. No sowing... no reaping.

As the eve of New Year's resolutions lies just around the corner, whatever area you'd like to farm, whether it's your writing, a happy relationship, weight loss, career satisfaction, coin collecting,

You reap what you sow.

Work first. Then pay off.

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