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Do It Anyway...

Spoiler alert: I did not want to write this blog post. I still don't. It's Friday, 10:51pm. I've procrastinated all day. But, I promised myself I'd write a blog post every Friday. So, I'm here.

Doing it.

That doesn't mean I want to.

And guess what... who cares?

I'm doing it anyway.

If we only bother to do the things we want to do, we'd all be watching a lot of One Tree Hill (or Game of Thrones or Marvel action movies - whatever your poison is). Point is, sometimes you've just got to do the thing you've agreed to do. Sometimes you just grin and bear it. Will anything amazing come from my writing this post today? I guess that depends on your definition of amazing - I'll feel good. I'll have made a goal and stuck with it and completed it. That feels okay now, but it'll feel even better, later. And maybe a publisher will read this post and think - boy, I like her commitment to setting manageable goals for herself. I'm going to start a bidding war on her children's series Project Cat's Away and a commission an Emma Davis clothing line and a five-picture movie deal because I appreciate her follow through.

Okay, that second option isn't that likely... but it could happen, and the first option definitely will. It already has, because now I'm at the end of the post, and guess what, I feel better already.

So, if you don't want to do it, so what?

Do it anyway.

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