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One step at a time.

I had lunch today with an old friend who is much, much better than me at both business and technology. If I had my way, I'd just stick with writing. Creating plot, dialogue, even story outlines (and recently, musical numbers) is in my wheelhouse. I feel comfortable, it flows easily. It's work, and I love it. But... we live in a world that requires both business and technology. So... lunch.

We touched on the merits of the ketogenic diet and what goal comes next after one completes the successful whirlwind of a wedding... then the dreaded tech/business conversation began.

I actually thought I had a pretty good handle on this. I have an idea to create a contest to go along with a YouTube series for Project Cat's Away. We brainstormed prize packs and how to gather more entries and I felt pretty good about things - and that's when we started talking about social media. I can't even tell you what was said - that's how far over my head the whole conversation went. The difference between Facebook 'pages' and 'groups', landing pages, urls and forwarding domain names... I can tell you that my whole body clenched. Hearing it, ALL of it, spewed all over our table was overwhelming, exhausting and unbelievably daunting. I honestly just wanted to curl up in a ball. But, I didn't.

I took one step. One concrete step. I purchased the domain name projectcatsaway.com. I'm not even sure what I'm going to be doing with that... but, regardless, it was step number one in a marathon to come. And I made another lunch date next week... where hopefully, I'll be able to take step number two.

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