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A year of writing begins!

A year of writing begins!

On September 1st, I began a year-long hiatus to focus on writing full-time. I have big dreams of starting new projects and finally, finally being able to focus time and energy into modern methods of expressing and promoting my writing - like beginning a blog!

Figuring out how to use Instagram?


Possibly Twitter?

For those of you who've mastered these things, well done. For me - it's super scary town and, well, this is post number one. (It's September 15th, so that means it only took me fifteen days to begin. Not the best, but not terrible.) Bear with me, as I grow.

I'm excited to say I've started a new project - Project Cat's Away: The Musical! I've given myself a month to transfer the story from novel to play format. This co-incides with a contest put on by Fringe Toronto for new musicals. For those unaware, Fringe is a festival where untested theatre and plays are put on for the public. Perfect for novice writers like me! The best part is, it's a lottery, so whether I'm in or not is luck of the draw. Of course, the aforementioned contest comes with a guaranteed spot in the festival, so that would be awesome, but I'm not counting my chickens as hatched.

It feels good to have a goal and this one suits me well - working with the story I love and exercising new skill sets like figuring out how to write some songs?! So far, I've learned some new lingo, like - the book/script for a musical theatre piece is called the libretto. The learning curve is steep, but I feel like I can climb it. Or at least I'm excited to try.

Anyway, expect me back here, every Friday to give a little update about where things are and what I'll be trying next.

Wish me luck!


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