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The trio of Emma, Kiki and Lewiston is the top junior spy team in the secret CIA Unit, Project Cat's Away. (A unit so hush hush, even their parents don't know they're secret agents!)

It's summer now, and the trio are sent deep undercover to the Micro-Gravity Rocket Facility. Their mission: figure out who is leaking secret information about the government's Go Switch Satellite before its launch into space.

Who's the enemy?

In this world of junior spies, covert affairs aren't just for adults, the kids are in on it too and everyone's a suspect.

Case in point: Benjamin Bradley. This new boy is every bit as good as Emma at problem solving, physical stunts and bravery. There's only one thing bigger than his skill set: his ego!

Emma can't stand him, but her friends know her irritation might be something far more complicated. Is Emma in love?

Her new affections are more than just distracting, they're dangerous, as Ben might not be who they think he is... or is he?