Twelve-year-old Emma fights dangerous enemies as a junior CIA spy — but that’s easy compared to her day-to-day life as a middle schooler! Can she keep her secret identity under wraps, save the world, and survive seventh grade?

Emma Davis is keeping secrets...


From her Mom, from her best friend, from everybody. But, her secrets aren’t your regular ‘dear diary’ revelations. Her secrets could change the world. 


She's a member of Project Cat’s Away, a clandestine organization that lets parents think they’ve joined the CIA when really it’s their children who are recruited into the life of espionage. Emma’s the best junior agent the agency has, but all this secret keeping is making her life seriously complicated.


Not only is she forced to deal with an onslaught of bad guys (and girls) on her missions, but she has to keep her lies straight in her regular day-to-day life too, with a whole cast of characters who seriously complicate her ability to save-the-day: there’s her mother who has no clue she’s in the CIA, Lewiston, a tech-head analyst who’s sweaty hands constantly threaten to give her away, her best friend, Kiki, who texts her every minute of the day and of course, Tae Kwon Do Sarah, the new girl at school, who’s waiting, just waiting for Emma to fall flat on her face.


With all the secrets Emma’s keeping, something has got to spill.

The Hand Out, a 3-D Actionable Ink Pad



About the Book Project Cat's Away

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featured on Book Bub Dec. 5, 2019